Arcane Legends adopts a more light-hearted visual style

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Arcane Legends adopts a more light-hearted visual style

Spacetime Studios has announced that the latest expansion for Arcane Legends, Rage of the Ren'gol, will be released when players have completed a global goal to protect the Gnomes from a band of ravaging Orcs. In addition to protection, players will be charged with rebuilding Garetta. Once finished, the expansion will be released.

The cross-platform technology that Spacetime Studios is using is still the top in its class. The ability to play with anyone on any platform, be it Chrome, iOS, or Android, still works extremely well. Very few games can boast half of the equation, with the ability to play with 3 different platforms or to carry data across various devices, but Arcane Legends continues to get it perfect. There are more options for easily logging in, including Facebook Connect for extreme convenience. This will hopefully only stop being novel when it’s available everywhere.

From the outset, you will be dropped directly into a battle to learn the ropes of the default touchscreen controls and overall battle mechanics. For the most part, this is pretty easy to understand as you simply tap on the screen where you want to go and tap on the enemies you want to fight. You will auto-attack any enemy you tap on, though you do retain some control with movement and special abilities. More or less it controls like the majority of action RPGs on Android. Buy Arcane Legends Gold from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Rather than taking the serious approach showcased in Gameloft's Order and Chaos, Arcane Legends adopts a more light-hearted visual style, with cartoon-like characters and environments that look like they've stepped right out of a Disney movie. The graphics are sharp and detailed, and the animation is sublimely smooth - even when there's plenty of activity on the screen.

Another familiar element for Pocket Legends veterans will be the chopped up nature of the Arlor, the persistent world of Arcane Legends. There are small, mob filled zones strung together like grapes on a vine. I did find it a little tedious to constantly have to port from area to area, but the load times were quite short, so it’s wasn’t like the old Asheron’s Call ports where I’d get up and make coffee after entering a portal.

Even though there are only a dozen areas or so, there's an "elite" mode that can be activated that adds significantly greater challenge. for those that reach the level cap. Navigating the world is extremely easy. Every quest has a shortcut that spawns you right into the appropriate area, or you can manually pick regions to warp to thanks to a summoning circle network. On a more local basis, you can pull up a minimap overlay to gather your bearings, and small dots along the edge of the screen provide an idea of which direction party members are in. Quests can be turned in through mailboxes at the beginning and ends of each level, which saves from hiking back to questgivers in different areas.