Bethesda announce Fallout 76’s next patch is planned for Tuesday

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Bethesda announce Fallout 76’s next patch is planned for Tuesday

Fallout 76’s next patch is planned for Tuesday, Bethesda has confirmed, with scheduled maintenance taking the servers offline as the update is applied. A Bethesda community manager confirmed the schedule for the next update on Monday by confirming in a Reddit post pertaining to a bug that the update was planned for a Tuesday release. Commenting in a second post which was made to spread the news of the incoming patch, the same community manager said the patch would be released on all platforms at the same time instead of releasing the PC version first and consoles coming second in the way that previous updates have rolled out.

Valseek, Bethesda's community manager on Reddit, stated that the company is still looking into the options and will take community feedback into consideration. While this bit of information was well received, other fans started asking Valseek whether Bethesda had any plans for future PvE content. Apparently, they do, and it is slated for release at some point in March 2019. Technically, Valseek didn't explicitly say it's PvE content but it is a direct answer to the questions about PvE. There is also no official confirmation whether this PvE content would arrive in the same update as Survival beta or in a separate one.

However, the announcement of new PvP content didn't please everyone on the Fallout sub-reddit. But thankfully the games community manager has taken to Reddit to quash any suggestions that PvE endgame content isn't being worked on. Exactly what this new content could entail isn't clear for the time being, but the team sound pretty confident it's going to be just what the doctor ordered for players looking for new end game activities. Best and Cheapest Fallout 76 Atoms For Sale -

It seems like kind of a strange idea to have an entirely separate mode that is exactly the same game with just a beefed up, more risky PvP mode, but here we are. One of the most controversial aspects of Survival mode is that while you can create a new character for it, you can also use your current Adventure character in it. But progress will be saved across both modes, so if you die in Survival and lose aid items, you can’t just log back into Adventure mode and see them return.

Basically, Fallout 76 fans can look forward to seeing some of the longtime problems resolved in Patch 5. For me, the biggest relief was seeing that the issue surrounding recipes and plans on sale at vendors has been resolved. In the next update, a “Known” tag will now appear next to recipes and plans you already … know. It seems like a simple idea, but as anyone who has been sticking with Fallout 76 can tell you the simple, good ideas aren’t always there. There will also be some keyboard support for French-speaking players, the Traveling Pharmacy perk will finally work right for everyone and the progress bug plaguing the Early Warnings quest will be resolved.