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EdbMails for Public Folder Migration to Office 365

jester benign
Recent trends indicate a lot of businesses who have previously relied on on-premises Exchange Server deployments are now starting to make the switch to Exchange Online or Office 365 for a variety of reasons. This is why the need for Exchange Public folder migration to Office 365 arises.

Those who’ve been on Exchange Servers would know that Public folders are extensively used to organize and share information seamlessly with other people. Public folders have content organized in a neat hierarchical fashion making it easy to find what you are looking for.

One can easily manage public folders by going to Exchange admin center (EAC), Public folders > Public folder mailboxes. The public folders often contain emails, posts, documents. However, one thing to be noted is that a public folder content is not replicated across more than one public folders. All users merely access
the required content from same public folder.

Performing Public Folder migration to Office 365
Public Folder Migration to Office 365 when done using PowerShell scripts becomes a rather complicated and unintuitive process. There are also risks of overhead and technical glitches. Not to mention the amount of technical sophistry required to pull off the migration process without any hiccups.
A professional Public folder migration to Office 365 tool like the one from EdbMails can alleviate all the aforementioned limitations and let you archive flawless public folder migration to office 365 tenant quickly and securely.

public folder migration to Office 365

Features of EdbMails Public Folder Migration to Office 365 tool:
Capable of migrating Public folder irrespective of how big it is.
A powerful behind the scenes algorithm that ensures smooth migration of all your Public Folder data
No dependency on Outlook or Exchange services
Easily preview all the Public Folder contents before migration
Apply include/Exclude Filters for mail items