Latest Fallout 76 Patch Notes Release Early for PC Players Only

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Latest Fallout 76 Patch Notes Release Early for PC Players Only

Fallout 76 was considered to be one of the biggest let-downs in gaming last year, but Bethesda is working towards making 2019 a better experience for its players. The next major patch is on its way for the Fallout multiplayer game, and should address some of the issues that its players are most concerned about.

On Wednesday night, Bethesda amended the news in its Inside the Vault post to announce the early release of a patch for PC players. Console players will still have to wait until “next week”, however, “patch notes will remain the same pending any changes there may be.” When originally announced, this update had a set date of January 14th, but perhaps the absence of any specific date for console release in the patch notes means that this can no longer be expected.

As it stands, PvP can only be activated in Fallout 76 if a player returns fire after being attacked at an initial damage reduction. This is classed as consent that helps to help avoid harassment, particularly from those at a higher level against those new to the game. Losers of the duel don’t lose any particular items akin to non-playable character (NPC) enemies and tend to respawn relatively close to their death marker, while winners simply offered loot in the form of caps. Buy FO76 Caps from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Bethesda tried to fix the game with several updates including a major one last month. That update, released Dec. 11, had several stability improvements, added push-to-talk, and other tweaks. The update came after an apology from the developer, Bethesda Game Studios, in November for lack of communication surrounding fixing the issues with the game.

In an attempt to offer something for more hardcore players, Bethesda did previously implement a dedicated four-person PvP mode. Once players hit level 5, they can search for the Hunter/Hunted radio station broadcast which begins matchmaking. Once a match is found, which is incredibly difficult according to Eurogamer, each player is tasked to hunt another player, while being hunted.

While these patches are still a little ways off, Bethesda has been good at tackling the more emergent problems in Fallout 76 thus far. A significant bug popped up at the start of the year, cutting off players’ ability to access the game’s nukes. The developer acted quickly and released an emergency hotfix to deal with the bugged nukes.