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Can we talk about the story just posted in the Art tab?

As I understand it the story wasn't written to be about disabled speech at all, it was retelling the fairy tale of Diamonds and Toads ( with an ecological theme. In the original the polite sister is gifted with gold falling from her lips and goes on to marry a prince, while the impolite sister is cursed with toads and snakes, and eventually dies alone in the woods.

The story is brilliant for questioning whether generating frogs and toads is really a curse in today's world, because the environment needs them.

I think this is true of disabled speech as well, but I'm still putting the pieces together...

The story also ends with the girl striving to generate a specific, beautiful type of endangered frog. Are there ways dysfluent speakers ever strive for that as well? Not working to eliminate the frogs and stutters, but to produce the perfect stutter? I'm thinking now of a time that Josh tried to record a short stuttering-positive audio clip and he did it over and over waiting for the syllables to land in a really unique way that would emphasise his point. I wonder if there's other more everyday examples of that kind of work?