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— by Brooke Leiman Brooke Leiman
To the question- is it possible to receive speech therapy that doesn't instill the idea that something is wrong with your voice and need to be "fixed"?  

I am not a person who stutters, however as a speech pathologist working predominantly with the stuttering community, I find this question one that I struggle with as I develop a treatment plan for each incoming client.  I thought I'd share an interview I conducted with an employee of mine and a person who stutters, which discusses Avoidance Reduction therapy.  If a therapist truly subscribes to the ideas behind Avoidance Reduction, I would hope that the person receiving the therapy would NOT get the message that they need to be "fixed" but rather the message that there are changes that can be made to ensure that stuttering does not need to impact their ability to effectively communicate or limit/restrict their participation in life.  Surprisingly enough, these "changes" do not necessarily and actually rarely begin with altering their speech, but instead focus on some of the unhelpful thoughts and feelings about stuttering that are having a negative impact on them. Here is the link to the full interview:

I'd love to hear people's thoughts or experiences with Avoidance Reduction therapy.