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"Also... mm... has anyone else had problems with speech therapy permanently changing how they stutter, and not in a good way?"

Really great points, Kaz. My mother was raised in Europe and her family was not well off and they lived in a very rural community. She did not receive any speech therapy when she was a kid. She moved to Canada in her late twenties and began speech therapy when she was fluent in English (she probably would have been about 30).

One of the strategies her therapist shared with her was to speak in a sort of sing-song manner because, as we've all heard, singing is easier for people who stutter. I would say this strategy has negatively affected her. She really only uses this sing-song manner on people she doesn't know (so those she'd naturally be nervous speaking with) and I've noticed that some of them respond to her as if she were a little simple or unintelligent. So I definitely see this as a drawback. She'd probably be better off just speaking in her normal authoritative voice with the occasional (or more frequent) stutter.