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— by sachin sachin
Very very interesting discussion. As to my take on - "Is it possible to have speech therapy that doesn't also teach there is something wrong with your voice that needs to be fixed..?" I think at this point in time, it would be very very very difficult, if not plain impossible. But, pws are a diverse lot, caught at different life stages - and therefore they do take their chances. But, yes, in the long run, we must educate and change the society - beginning with ourselves. This, at times,  seems like the old debate between the social and the medical model of disability. SLPs are product of their times and culture, the dominant discourse of modern/ western medical science - The same way as we, the average pws, are the products of our times and upbringing. But considering the big changes all around us, it is time that we question these assumptions - who puts the label of "stuttering" to our speech? Why? Why and how are we nudged into buying it?
This movement MUST be owned and fueled by pws. PWS who happen to be SLP, I am afraid, would bring in "old consciousness" knowingly or unknowingly, and will end up diluting the focus. Can they unlearn speech pathology as it is conceived and taught today, learn afresh the social model of disability, look at the big picture, and the politics behind? And then contribute?
Thanks everyone for their thoughts, convictions and courage...